Better Body Dynamics’ (BBD) three step program for pain relief offers a combination of  assessments, manual therapy, and training. Ideally, the program keeps clients functioning and moving well. Also, manual therapy helps with head pain, radiating neck pain, neck stiffness, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, lumbago, and nerve pain. As a result, using the three step program for pain relief, one can increase flexibility, improve posture, and decrease pain. Further, BBD  focuses on the spinal muscles and eliminating pain by improving mobility.

 In our three step program for pain relief, we educate the public on how to achieve a greater quality of life through advanced methods of pain relief. In summary, we are passionate about bringing pain free movement to those who are tired of struggling with aches and pain.

Clinton Merrifield

Master Myoskeletal Therapist | Better Body Dynamics

Better Body Dynamics is the ‘go-to’ company for quality therapeutic massage bodywork and professional continuing education. Clinton is the owner of Better Body Dynamics. His passion is working one-on-one with clients and helping them become more efficient and pain-free in their daily activities. As a Texas and nationally certified continuing education provider, Clinton offers continuing education on a multitude of massage and bodywork therapy topics.

(TX LMT #120223, LMI #3092, CPT #2722869, CE Provider #1857, NCBTMB #841927)

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Three Step Program For Pain Relief

Heal And Recover

The Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT) brings together massage and bodywork techniques. As a result, these techniques help with pain patterns. In brief, most clients receive long term pain relief.​

Three Step Program For Pain Relief

Improve And Perform

Create strategies that adapt exercises to enhance mobility and stability. Moreover, these are key tools that help with success for pain free movement.​

Three Step Program For Pain Relief

Hands On

In live workshops, LMTs enrich their skills and earn continuing education credits . Similarly, these can be in small group settings. Because of this, the peer mentoring program is for ALL LMTs.

Three Step Program For Pain Relief


Better Body Dynamics hosts a unique peer mentoring program. Therefore, for LMTs who want to expand their scope, check out this training agenda.

Three Step Program
For Pain Relief:
Common Pain Points

Pain Relief For Back Pain

The common cause of back pain is strain. As a result, people have trouble finding relief. Therefore, the BBD three step program for pain relief helps clients address that pain.

Pain Relief For Sciatica

One main cause of sciatica comes from an unbalanced pelvis. Therefore, the BBD three step program for pain relief provides a detailed assessment, which leads to the true cause of sciatic pain.

Pain Relief For Knee Pain

A common reason for knee pain is a lack of movement in the ankle or hips. For instance, when just walking, the foot rotates out on ground impact. As a result, that impact travels up the leg to the knee, taking all the stress. At the same time, most practitioners treat the knee. However, thanks to BBDs' three step program for pain relief, "we assess; we do not guess."

Three Step Program For Pain Relief


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Pain Relief For Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common. It results from poor posture. So, along with having a stable pelvis, one must have a balanced and stable head. As a result, the BBD three step program helps clients with a balanced head and tail.

Pain Relief For Shoulder Pain

Most shoulder problems fall into four major categories. Specifically, tendons, instability, arthritis, and fractures. For treating those categories, clients are often given pain medication. Thus, BBD's assessments lead clients away from pain medication.

Pain Relief For Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is caused by overuse. Likewise, such nerve dysfunction can mimic pain that occurs in the elbow. As a result, the pain may stem from the neck where the nerve root begins. To clarify, the nerves run from the neck down to the hand. Therefore, the pain could be anywhere the nerve travels.

Why the three step program for pain relief?

Better Body Dynamics’ three step program for pain relief is for anyone who experiences pain or discomfort. First, our services are high quality with detailed hands on therapy. Further, our services are low cost. And finally, clients learn what is causing their pain and what they can do for home treatment.

Specifically, the first step in our three step program for pain relief is a full body assessment. By performing a full body assessments, we determine the location and cause of pain.

Next, the second step is using manual therapy techniques to restore balance. These techniques are useful for improving mobility.

Most importantly, in our third step we teach corrective strategies that aid maintaining balance, correct postures, and body positions. At the same time, the program creates functional patterns, endurance, awareness, strength, and skills to perform successful daily activities.

Clinton Merrifield

Three Step Program For Pain Relief

Chiefly, we educate our clients who are experiencing pain.

Certainly, any client, athletic or non-athletic, struggles with pain and discomfort every day. Consequently, they seek all types of treatments thus spending their money and time for temporary relief. Unfortunately, very few clients are educated on what is the actual cause of their discomforts and how to effectively treat those.

In the end, Better Body Dynamics works one-on-one with clients and helps them become pain-free in their daily activities.

To conclude–“We assess; not guess!”

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Three Step Program For Pain Relief