Better Body Dynamics

CLINTON MERRIFIELD, a MASTER MYOSKELETAL THERAPIST™, certified by the Erik Dalton “Freedom from Pain Institute,” is the only MMT bodywork therapist in the San Antonio/Bexar County area specializing in myoskeletal alignment techniques (MAT) for pain-relief therapies.

Additionally, Clinton is a Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) system practitioner certified by the Gray Cook Functional Movement Systems for the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic impairments and body movement dysfunctions. Also, Clinton is a licensed massage therapist, a massage instructor, a certified personal trainer, and a continuing education (CE) provider.

The Mission

Clinton’s business, Better Body Dynamics, is the go-to company for quality therapeutic massage and bodywork pain-free services and massage therapy continuing education (CE). 

The three most important words in Clinton’s Better Body Dynamics business are “educate, educate, educate.” For every therapeutic bodywork massage and fitness training session, Clinton’s priority is educating clients about enhancing and training towards pain-free movement. 

When on the podium as a licensed CE provider, Clinton specializes in stress and pain-relief, muscle and balance assessments, therapeutic massage and bodywork techniques, and home fitness training exercises. As a Texas and nationally certified continuing education provider, he provides recurring CE classes to local and nation-wide massage therapists.

The Man

As testimony to his manual therapy and bodywork credentials, Clinton studied under Erik Dalton, PhD., a pioneer in bodywork and a leading proponent of the myoskeletal alignment techniques. Further, Clinton mentored with Paul Kelly, founder of The Temple/Human Performance center. Also, Clinton is an avid supporter and student of Gray Cook, the founder of Functional Movement systems, and as such Clinton promotes the concept of movement pattern screening and assessment. 

Clinton Merrifield is a friendly, outgoing, service-minded, physically strong, personal fitness trainer and highly skilled manual body work specialist, applying pain assessment, correction, and movement that addresses and relieves pain. He is an active continuing education provider who instructs current bodywork techniques, multiple modalities, and functional assessments.

Clinton’s passions are working one-on-one with clients and helping them become more efficient and pain-free in their daily activities, and sharing his career field knowledge with other professional massage therapists.