Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

San Antonio, Texas

In any type of therapy the client must be required to take an active role in his/her recuperation as dysfunctional strain patterns are removed and replaced by proper body alignment and balance.

To achieve maximum therapy results, Better Body Dynamics:

  • makes an accurate assessment.
  • looks for patterns of dysfunction created by muscle imbalance and alignment of bones.
  • applies systematic bodywork therapy and alignment, as needed.
  • teaches the client proper neuromuscular re-training exercises.

We all want to please our clients, so when the client hurts, our natural response is to provide them with immediate relief from their pain. But in the absence of realignment of muscle and joints, the complaints return again and again. Because all muscles of the body have a tendency to develop predictable strain patterns before the development of pain, Better Body Dynamics seeks to recognize and treat these dysfunctional patterns before they become chronic.

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