Holistic Strength

Holistic Strength

San Antonio, Texas

An understanding of the human body is necessary to make the most of conditioning.

Understanding motor programs/neuromuscular re-training is one key to learn. This is how the body creates, recognizes, and refines movement. When injury occurs, these are opportunities to discover weakness and to learn more about yourself. Being able to identify weak links is a key player to help build holistic strength. Movement is considered the root. On top of movement is physical conditioning. On top of physical conditioning is skill. Modern science tells us that the brain does not recognize individual muscle activity. Instead the brain looks at movement patterns and creates coordination between all the muscles needed. The goal of holistic strength is not to change how the body looks but to train how the body moves.

The pyramid movement, performance and skill are the optimum performance pyramid for all around holistic strength. If the client has demonstrated appropriate or optimal functional movement through a range of motion using body control and movement awareness, uses well-coordinated linking movements or kinetic linking, and average or optimal amount of sport specific or activity specific skill then holistic strength has been achieved.

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