Injury Prevention

San Antonio Injury Prevention

The saying, “No Pain — No Gain!” is often misinterpreted. We think it means that any uncomfortable sensation from severe pain or injury to mild discomfort can be worked through. If the saying is applied to pushing through fatigue in an endurance situation, then it’s probably helpful. Soreness is often the by-product of hard work and training. Pain however, indicates a problem that needs to be examined and corrected to prevent further damage without injury prevention in San Antonio. But many push, compete and train into pain and use ice and anti-inflammatory medications to mask the pain. Pain is not the enemy, pain is simply a signal alerting you to a problem or a potential problem.

If you were injured from a fall or some sort of trauma, then chances are you have microtrauma. You have an energy leak, a weak link, or a point of stress or strain. To help prevent injury, it’s important to understand your body and to “train the brain and not the pain.”

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