Stability Training for the Lower Body


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With your findings from the previous assessment courses, you can prioritize where to start your treatment plan and what the intervention is, whether it be mobility resets or motor control retraining.

There are many great mobility techniques available. Therefore, we simply continue the diagnostic process for you to apply your tools appropriately, with the ultimate goal of gaining mobility and retraining motor control effectively.

Motor learning is not the same as strength training. Infants develop movement in patterns, not individual muscles. They learn to control movements before they progress to a more challenging posture.

Using the neurodevelopmental perspective – how we learned to move as infants –  learn our model to guide motor control programming to mimic what we learned in our early years.

Topics Covered:

  • Lumbar Stability
  • Hip Mobility
  • Hip Flexion
  • Knee Stability
  • Ankle Mobility
  • Foot Stability

July 13, 2020