Senior Strength Training in San Antonio

Adult Strength Training/ Senior Strength Training

As people age, we naturally get weaker. Starting at just 30 years old, adults gradually lose muscle mass throughout their lives. That means we need to work harder and harder just to maintain the same physique.

Retaining muscle mass isn’t just about looking good – it’s about staying healthy. The lower muscle mass associated with getting older is what makes adults more likely to sustain a long-lasting injury from what would have been a minor fall when they were younger.

There are ways to combat this muscle loss. No matter your age, your muscles will respond well to resistance training. By following a training regimen, you can maintain and even build muscle mass and bone density.

Stay fit at any age

San Antonio adults should follow a well-balanced fitness regimen to stay strong and healthy. It’s possible to do this on your own, but you would be amazed by the results you can get working with a professional trainer. Your trainer will help you choose the exercises you need to get the best possible results.

Typically, adults should complete exercises that target all the major muscle groups, repeating each exercise 8-15 times and completing 1-3 sets. Resistance training should only be done two or three days a week, with active recovery or cardio on other days, so it can fit into your busy schedule. You should also make sure to stretch before and after working out.

Benefits of San Antonio Adult Strength Training

It’s never too late to start weight training! Strength training will build up not only your muscle mass but also your energy – so you can get back the energy you need to spend time with kids or grandkids, enjoy outdoor activities, and stop feeling fatigued from daily activities. You can also prevent bone loss, fight obesity, and improve your flexibility.

Whether you’ve been active all your life and are starting to notice yourself slowing down due to the effects of aging, or you want to develop a fitness routine for the first time, we are the place to go for adult strength training in San Antonio.